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Leading Speech Therapist Reveals

How You Can Improve Your English

Pronunciation And Speak With A Native

British Accent In Just 15 Minutes A Day


Speech Therapist Esther Bruhl

british english pronunciation training

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British English

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Join 40,000 students from 32 countries who improved

their English Pronunciation, and now speak with a native British accent

Download our Ultimate British Accent Training Course today!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Do you want to speak English fluently and with a British accent?

  • Sick of being asked to repeat yourself?how to speak English clearly on the phone
  • Tired of people not understanding you?
  • Worried about losing your job or no one hiring you?
  • Can’t understand native English speakers?
  • Trouble being understood on the phone?
  • Embarrassed or shy in social situations?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then I have great news for you!

You CAN change your accent and start speaking English like a British native. In less than 15 minutes a day and from the comfort of your own home.

You just need to know the RIGHT way to practise. Our Ultimate British Accent Training Package gives you all the exercises and methods you need for improving your English pronunciation.

You can download the program and start practising within a matter of minutes. You’ll be on your way to sounding like a British native in no time at all!

Why You Struggle To Change Your English Accent

Why is it so difficult to change your accent? After working with thousands of non-native English speaking people (many of whom have lived, or live in an English speaking country) we discovered the 7 common reasons why people struggle …

  • You have no one to practise with
  • You’re too busy working in a job or studying
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You feel you’re too old to change
  • You don’t know how to change your accent
  • You can’t afford expensive private lessons
  • You tried other pronunciation training programs that didn’t work


When you follow our easy, step-by-step exercises, your accent will change and you’ll sound like a native British speaker – in just 15 minutes of practise a day!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You Can Speak English With An Authentic

British Accent In Just 15 Minutes A Day

When you download the Ultimate British Accent Training Program and begin practising you’ll be able to:

  • Speak English with a British accent
  • Speak with correct British pronunciation
  • Communicate clearly with your co-workers and get ahead at work.
  • No more fear of speaking on the phone
  • Be understood the first time you speak
  • Change, reduce or neutralise your accent and be clearly understood.
  • Understand other British speakers when they talk
  • Speak with confidence and don’t pause or freeze when speaking English.

Watch The Free Video Sample Below

Listen To The Free Audio Sample

Listen to a sample of the audio clips you will find in my British accent program.

“/or/ is a medium length vowel. The lips are held quite forward and rounded so that the circle form between the lips is quite small. The lip muscles are held quite tightly. The tongue tip is pulled back quite a bit and relaxed. The muscles of the middle and tip of the tongue, are contracted or pulled in towards the mid-line of the tongue.The tongue is bunched in towards the mid-line. The /r/ sound is not pronounced in /or/ in British English Pronunciation.

Look Inside the Course Below

Join 40,000 Students From 32 Countries

Who Now Speak with Clear British English

“Remarkable quick progress”

I bought the British accent course a couple of weeks ago. It really helped me to make a quick remarkable progress. Thank you for your useful programmes and for your innovative ideas to help us in language improvement.
– Mona (UAE/Arabic)

Speak English clearly testimonial. Accent and pronunciation training

“Gained more confidence in speaking”

I felt frustrated because I couldn’t say the words properly because of my (Asian) accent. That’s when I decided to buy. I gained more confidence in speaking. I would recommend this to all migrants and all who are suffering with a speech defect.
– Clarissa (Philippines)

Speak English clearly testimonial. Accent and pronunciation training

“Surprised my sister with my new [British] accent”

You really helped me a lot, I can change my accent whenever I speak, I know how to because I now have an ear for the correct pronunciation and like you said, my accent is not the same as it was because I have done this quite a lot. Thanks plenty (the British Accent Course), was good value for money!

One day I called my sister in England and she had no idea it was me at all, could not tell, thought it was actually a Brit but voila, it was me. That’s when I knew it really had worked, I needed someone else to hear the difference and she did! I also called my brother another time who also did not recognize me. The system worked for me and I daresay for anyone who puts time into it. I still go back time to time and really enjoy it.
– Queen (Netherlands)

“It is amazing how it has improved my pronunciation”

I just want to say that you have an excellent product. Very good value for money. With only days practise I have seen a big change on myself. I had a very big difficulty when it comes pronouncing some sounds like the ‘th’ sound, ‘s’ and ‘z’ and ‘j’ just to specify a few. I have found my core problems and I now know where I should place my tongue inside the mouth and the movement I have to make. It is amazing how it has improved my pronunciation. My native language is Amharic and Oromiffa. I am an Ethiopian doing my masters in IT and currently live in London. Though I have been living in London for the last three years I haven’t improved my language as I thought I would. The beauty of your product is I can use it literally everywhere.
– Ensermu W. (Ethiopian)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

6 Reasons Why The Ultimate British Accent Training

Package Is Different From Other Courses

Why is the Ultimate British Accent Package regarded as the MOST effective Pronunciation and accent altering course on the market today? Check out these 6 reasons below.

Designed By Speech Therapist

Our program has been designed by Esther Bruhl, a leading speech therapist with over 30 years experience in helping thousands of people improve their English clarity and accent.

English accent training

Learn In 15 Minutes A Day

You don’t have to spend hours a day practising or attending boring classes. You can start improving your English pronunciation and changing your accent in just 15 minutes a day.

Scientific Learning Method

Our courses use the Auditory Immersion Technique which changes your neurology to speed up the process of getting a new accent. This technique helps form stronger connections in the speech and language centres of the brain for your new clear pronunciation.

Easy Lessons With British Speakers

Our program uses native English speakers and everyday language to naturally and quickly improve your pronunciation.

speak more clearly accent training

Learn From Anywhere, Anytime

You can download the course onto your desktop, laptop computer, iPad or smartphone and go through the audio and video training anywhere, anytime.

speak more clearly

Lifetime Access For One Low Price

Other online programs can cost up to $1,600. We want to help everyone, and so we give you lifetime access to our British Training course for one low price.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Science Behind Why This Program Gets Fast Results

brain_sOur course uses the Auditory Immersion Technique which changes your neurology to speed up the process of getting a new accent. It works by forming stronger neurological connections in the speech and language centres of the brain for your new pronunciation. “What the ear can ‘hear’ the voice can reproduce.” (Alfred Tomatis – famous Ear, Nose and Throat specialist)

You simply listen to the exercise and repeat the word or phrase. Over time your natural language skills, and the expanded ability of the ear, will cause your accent in English to naturally change to be more like the native speaker in our audio training.

We have included precise, detailed instruction for where to place your tongue and lips for each sound. This allows you to position your mouth for sounds you may find difficult, and practising the mouth position together with the audio input, will give you more rapid progress.
Because there is no complex software, or elaborate theory it is so easy to practise! Simply listen and repeat the exercises any time you have a few spare minutes.

Gain British Pronunciation In 15 Minutes A Day

(Practise From Anywhere, Anytime)

As well as the over 140 audio recordings for each vowel and consonant sound, and 11 training videos, you will get these 6 extra practise sections:

1. Rhythm and intonation
Practise material on how to use rhythm and intonation so you will sound more natural when you speak English.

2. How to use elision/linking in English
This will teach you how to speak with flowing, fluid sentences and not sound stiff and unnatural when you speak. It will also allow you to speak English much more quickly so you sound like a native speaker.

3. Practise sentences for stress and meaning in English
This section includes audio recordings with practise sentences so you can master where to put the stress on words in sentences.

4. Practise dialogues for natural conversational speech Includes audios to practise speaking in conversational speech for fluent British English. Learn the correct stress patterns, pronunciation and intonation for British English. This will give you clear, quicker natural speech.

5. Paragraphs for practising stress and intonation
You will learn how to use stress and intonation correctly for British English. The audio trainers use connected speech in paragraphs so you can practise speaking naturally, with correct stress and intonation, using more complex English.

6. Notes on what specific sounds to work on for 9 different background languages
Notes for: Indian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Filipino and Korean speakers.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sign Up Today And Download A Bonus Training

Course (Valued At $24.95) For FREE


FREE BONUS: Audio on the Go – valued at $24.95

  • Separate package of all the audios from the Ultimate British Accent Course in downloadable form so you can copy them to any mp3 device
  • Copy to your smartphone /iPad /iPod /CD or any other mp3 device
  • Practise anywhere, anytime
  • Effortless success – practise on the go; in the car, train, bus or even plane, anytime you have a few spare minutes.
  • Speeds up your progress because you are listening more often, and through headphones, to achieve total auditory immersion. You are strengthening your new neurological connections for your new British accent at a faster rate.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

How Much Does The Course Cost?

(Save $75 today with our special promotion)

Before I tell you the price, let me ask you a few important questions…British_promotion

How would your life be different if you could speak clearly in English and confidently communicate with anyone, in any situation?

How would your boss and colleagues respond if you could suddenly speak clear and proper English, with an authentic British accent? Would you have a better chance of getting a promotion, a pay rise or even a higher paying job?

What would it be worth to never have to repeat yourself again, feel embarrassed to talk on the phone, or feel shy in social situations with native English speakers?

Did you know that private coaching could cost you between $80 and $250 per hour? Which means 10 lessons would cost you up to $2,500!

Did you know that other online courses cost up to $1,600? I’ve done my research and most of these courses don’t contain even half of the step-by-step video and audio training you’ll find inside the Ultimate British Accent Training Package.

The British Accent Training Package won’t cost you $2,500. Not $1,600. Not even $175.

The British Accent Training Package is one payment of $175. But that’s NOT the price you’ll pay today …

As part of a special promotion, you can get it now for only one payment of $99.99 — and that’s the lowest price you’ll ever pay for access to such life-changing training, so you can finally speak clear and flowing English like a native British speaker.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

British Accent training

“You Love The Course Or You Don’t Pay”

You can “test drive” the British Accent Course for a FULL 60 days, completely RISK FREE!

Here’s how it works: Sign up and get instant access to the program today. Go through and watch all of the videos and audios. Try the step-by-step exercises and lessons. Start speaking clear and flowing English like a native British speaker.

If after a whole 60 days, you’re not 100% satisfied that you’ve got the skills to speak English clearly and be understood clearly by your boss, co-workers and friends, simply send the course back to me with a short note asking for a refund, and I’ll immediately and cheerfully refund your money

You either LOVE the program and improve your British English pronunciation, or you don’t pay a cent. You can’t possibly lose. Take advantage of this special promotion and SAVE $75 by getting the course today.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Download Everything Now – Get Instant Access



british english pronunciation training


When you purchase today you’ll be given instant access to all the materials for you to download onto your computer immediately (both MAC and PC compatible).

Lifetime Access For One Low Price!

Here’s what you get inside the course:

  • 11 Step-By-Step Training Videos featuring native British English speakers
  • 140 Audio Recordings of native British English speakers
  • 109 Page Digital Training Manual with the videos and audios inside for easy use
  • E-guide on exactly how to use the program (extra tips for clear speech and pronunciation)
  • Stress and intonation training: learn the correct word and sentence stress for British English
  • 3 audio dialogues with male and female trainers. Practise sentences and conversational speech
  • Fluency training: learn to speak in flowing, fluid sentences
  • Special Feature: tips to speed up your progress for 9 different background languages
  • Instructions on how to say words of more than one syllable 
  • 16 vowels (a o i e u ee er ar or oo-long oo-short oe ie oy ow ay)
  • 24 consonants (p b t d k g f v th th-voiced s z sh zh ch j m n ng w h l r y)
  • Instant Download – no shipping costs (no physical package, download everything instantly)

53% Instant Discount – Limited Time Offer

 $99.99 $47.00 USD

british accent training

60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Love the course or send it back for a full refund.

Free Bonus: Download 1 additional course: Audio On The Go (valued at $24.95) for FREE.
Instant Download – Lifetime Access
For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server
Please note: you will be charged in USD

“Confidence Communicating with Others”

I was looking for some speech therapist program to improve my English, so that I can have a better communication skills and improve my personal and professional life. I can speak and write English fluently, but due to my accent, sometimes I still can’t get the message across and effectively as I would like to.

Since the program my accent has definitely improved, and I speak much clearer with correct rhythm and stress. I feel more confident in story telling and connect with other people.
I would recommend this program to anyone wants to improve their communication skills, which will have a positive effect on all other area of their life.
– Tina (Vietnamese/Australia)

Testimonial for Speak More Clearly accent and English pronunciation training

“I’m Not Ashamed with my English Anymore”


I think confidence is the the main benefit of this course, I am not so ashamed with my English anymore. It is difficult to find a good pronunciation program, I tried in the past without good results.

I noticed a change in my pronunciation quickly, after one or two weeks using the course I realised that I was doing several mistakes and the system helped to understand how to cure them. I decided to buy it after watched a video of Esther explaining the benefits of the program, specially when you, as a new arrived migrant, are looking for a job.
I’d recommend the product to any person that is really interested to improve the pronunciation, and particularly to those migrants or foreigners that are looking for a job or a career advancement.
– Jaime (Chile)

speak more clearly pronunciation lessons

“Corrected my pronunciation”

The greatest benefit (of your program), was going back to basics and rethinking how to produce English sounds in my mouth. Taking care to learn the right sounds makes all the difference and the course is a fantastic aid! An exceptionally well-designed course I’d gladly recommend to anyone serious about learning English.
– Pasi (Finland)

Testimonial for Speak More Clearly accent and English pronunciation training

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

“How do I buy the course?”

Simply click on the orange ‘add to cart’ button and you’ll be taken to our secure payment page where you can make your payment. All of our orders are processed securely. You can choose to use your credit card, Visa / Mastercard, debit card or PayPal account to complete your purchase. If you have any issues or questions, please contact us here.

“Is it secure to order from your website?”

Absolutely secure. We use industry-leading technology (such as SSL) to keep your information safe and secure.

PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). Before you even register or log in to the PayPal site, our server checks that you’re using an approved browser – one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher. Our credit card payments are also encrypted via SSL technology.

“Does the British Accent Training Course really work?”

Over 40,000 people worldwide have used our training for success. Our clients all over the world are excited. They tell us that with only 15 minutes of practise a day, for only a few weeks, they see a huge improvement in their British accent. Check out these real customers who have achieved results using our course. These clients were so happy with the course that they wanted to share their stories with you.

‘How long will it take me to see results?’

Our customers tell us that after just one or two weeks of daily practise, they already start to see a change in their pronunciation and speech clarity. After just 2 – 3 months, our customers have reported big changes in their accent and their ability to speak English clearly. Depending on your ear’s natural ability to pick up new sounds this time frame may vary. However, with as little as 15 minutes daily practise you will see rapid results.

“Can I really change my accent that I’ve had my whole life, even as an adult?”

Yes you can! Your brain is plastic and can form new neurological pathways.

Just as it took a few years to learn your original language and accent, it takes time to change or lose your accent. When you were a child you listened to those around you, and repeated and mimicked what they said over and over and over and over! And just like that you can also lose your accent or acquire a new accent in English. You have to want to do this, and you need to work on it.

You don’t need 5 years though, to notice that you are losing your accent! Even after just a few weeks of daily practise you will begin to notice a difference in your pronunciation.

Because you are attuning your ear to the new accent, and putting down new neurological pathways, you can lose your accent more quickly if you listen to a native speaker through headphones. This vibrates the auditory nerve from your ear to the brain more directly making the signal more effective.

You can lose your accent entirely. You can neutralise your accent. Or you can keep some of your accent and just speak more clearly and be understood better when you speak English. All of this is possible with the ‘Speak More Clearly’ training programs!

“I don’t have the confidence to put my words into sentences”

Have you ever wanted to speak English fluently and confidently without freezing up?

You can speak spontaneously like a native – without stammering or pausing while speaking!

By practising with the Ultimate British Accent Training Package you can become fluent in English so that you aren’t embarrassed or scared to speak with native speakers.

When you practise with the words and sentences in our program, for just 15 minutes a day, your ear will become attuned to the new sounds in English. As your ear and your mouth get used to pronouncing each consonant and vowel sound, you will become more fluent in English.

The Ultimate British Accent Training Package will give you the confidence to speak spontaneously, even in high pressure situations like speaking to your boss or a room full of people.

“I can’t understand others when they speak”

Would you like to be able to understand others clearly when they speak and not have to keep asking them to repeat themselves?

When you listen to the audio in the British accent course you are training your ear to understand the sounds in British English.
Once you have attuned your ear to British English, your brain makes connections to remember and understand those sounds. Now, when you hear native speakers talking you will be able to understand them much more clearly and easily.
After all, there are only so many times you can ask someone to repeat themselves before you resort to nodding and smiling, especially in work situations.

“My English is advanced. Will this program be too simple for me?”

No – when you want to improve your pronunciation and accent in English you need to give your mouth and muscle memory a chance to learn the new movements for the new pronunciation, especially if English has sounds that your native language doesn’t have.

In order for your mouth to do this you need to give your mouth practise at a simpler level of English before you can make the new sounds automatic in your everyday speech.

This is why our technique is by far the most effective technique to change your pronunciation, no matter what your level of English. This means even if you are an advanced English speaker, you need to go back to basics in order to learn the correct pronunciation and sounds for your new accent.

Our course is specifically designed for non-native speakers who already know how to speak English but want to improve their pronunciation and accent.


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