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Speak Clearly, Without Fear like a Native Speaker and Excel at Work.

Learn Correct Pronunciation with the instantly downloadable British Accent Course. 

Do people have trouble understanding you because you’re not clear when you speak English? Do you wish you didn’t have to repeat yourself all the time because you sounded clear like a native speaker?

Do you wish you could speak fluently and confidently without pausing or freezing?

Help is available! The British accent training program provides the tools you need to learn correct pronunciation, change your accent and speak English clearly.

Don’t let your accent hold you back from building better relationships at work, making more money and advancing in your career!    

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The Ultimate British Accent Package
Instant Access: Start improving your Accent TODAY!

The fastest and most effective audio and video training course. Once the package has downloaded you can immediately start using the course  to learn correct British pronunciation. 3 FREE Bonuses inside: British Conversations, British Business English and Audio on the Go. 

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British accent pronunciation training
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 Gained confidence

I felt frustrated because I couldn’t say the words properly because of my (Asian) accent. That’s when I decided to buy. I gained more confidence in speaking. I would recommend this to all migrants and all who are suffering with a speech defect.
Clarissa (Philippines/Australia)
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Speak more clearly testimonial. Speak English clearly and confidently

Speak English Fluently and Confidently, Without Fear!

Wouldn’t you love to speak to others without being afraid that you will embarrass yourself because you don’t know the correct pronunciation?

The British Accent Program will Give you the Tools to:

  • speak with correct pronunciation and take the fear out of speaking on the phone.
  • change, nuetralise or reduce your accent to be clearly understood.
  • communicate more clearly with your coworkers and peers and get ahead at work.
  • understand other British speakers better when they speak.
  • use correct stress and intonation for fluent speech.
  • understand and use elision for flowing, fluid sentences.
  • speak with confidence so you don’t pause or freeze when speaking English.

“My materials have solved English accent problems for over 40,000 people already” – Esther Bruhl, Creator of Speak More Clearly

The British Accent Program is the most effective accent course out there because:

– Listening and repeating is the key to effective accent and pronunciation training. The British audio program leaves space after words and sentences so you can repeat and practice mimicking the native speakers.

– The program includes videos that show you exactly where to place your lips and tongue so that your mouth can pronounce the words correctly.

– The program tells you which syllables to stress and includes linking exercises so your sentences sound fluid and flowing just like a native speaker.

Learn to Speak Clearly with a Perfect British Accent Just Like a Native Speaker.

Get a British accent in just 15 minutes a day using my low cost British accent training program.

My program gives you your own private speech coach. Listen to the audio training through headphones and you will:

Develop brain connections for a British accent quicker.

More easily understand what people are saying to you.
Learn how to move your mouth to make difficult sounds.
Get used to the ‘feel’ of British English with the muscles in your lips and

My system has the content and training exercises to help you achieve British accent perfection!

Listen – to a sample AUDIO file

Listen to a sample of the audio clips you will find in the program

“This is a medium length vowel. The lips are held quite forward and rounded so that the circle formed between the lips is quite small. The lip muscles are held quite tightly. The tongue tip is pulled back quite a bit and relaxed. The muscles of the middle and tip of the tongue are contracted or pulled in towards the midline of the tongue – the tongue is bunched in towards the midline.

The /r/ sound is not pronounced in ‘or’ in British English pronunciation.”

Watch – a training VIDEO sample

Check out one of the videos that supports the audio training.


The Ultimate British Accent Package

3 FREE Bonuses Inside Valued at over $108: British Conversations, British Business English, Audio on the Go.

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British accent


WAS £78.95  NOW £62

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British English
60 Day Money Back – Satisfaction Guarantee – Instant download
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Buy the Ultimate British Accent Package Today and Get 3 Free Bonus Gifts Valued at Over £71.25

British Conversations Course – valued at £34.31

  • Over 1 hour of high quality audio with native British speakers using everyday conversational language and higher vocabulary language
  • Detailed PDF transcript of conversations from the audios so you can practise the pronunciation, easily, step by step
  • Higher level vocabulary and nuances of tone, intonation and stress patterns for British English, perfect once you’ve mastered the basics with the British Accent Course
  • Speak more fluently, naturally and quickly in English, with a British accent so you sound just like a native speaker
  • Be able to understand native speakers much more easily – even when they are speaking quickly and using slang language

British Business English – valued at £21.25

  • ebook with everything you need to know about how to speak professional British English
  • Practise material and transcripts for how to speak clear, professional British English
  • How to speak on the phone with customers and clients, including example transcripts
  • specific terminology used in the British business workplace setting
  • An effective technique to negotiate a raise and be paid for your true value at work
  • How to interact with coworkers and clients to build successful relationships with coworkers and clients
  • How to communicate clearly and effectively at work to excel your career

Audio on the Go – valued at £16.46

  • Separate package of all the audios from the British Accent Course in downloadable form so you can copy them to any mp3 device
  • copy to your smartphone/iPad/iPod/CD or any other mp3 device
  • Practise anywhere, anytime
  • Effortless success – practise on the go; in the car, train, bus or even plane, anytime you have a few spare minutes.
  • Speeds up your progress because you are listening more often and through headphones to achieve total auditory immersion  you are strengthening your new neurological connections for your new British accent at a faster rate.

These products combined cost over £71.25 and we’re giving them to you absolutely FREE because we want to give you incredible value!

Corrected My Pronunciation

The greatest benefit of the program, was going back to basics and rethinking how to produce English sounds in my mouth. Taking care to learn the right sounds makes all the difference and the course is a fantastic aid! An exceptionally well-designed course I’d gladly recommend to anyone serious about learning (to speak clearly in) English.
Pasi (Finland)
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Testimonial for Speak More Clearly accent and English pronunciation training program

Save Hundreds, Even Thousands of Pounds Now!

Would you like to save £2,500 and still achieve incredible results?

  • Private coaching can cost anywhere from £40 up to £250 – and that’s just for one lesson!
  • 10 hours of private coaching can cost you up to £2, 500.
  • My British accent training consists of many more hours of training and costs only a fraction of the price.
  • Other online courses cost between £400 – £1,600. My course is only £117.85!
  • My training program is much more affordable than these alternatives and has produced real results for over 40,000 people worldwide.
  • I have put 35 years of my expertise and knowledge as a Speech Therapist into the British accent program just for you.
  • It’s practically like having your own accent training coach for a only tiny fraction of the price!

Get it now for only £62. Buy it now before we stop giving our material away for such an incredible price! We maybe testing our prices sometime in the future, without notice. Buy it now before the price changes – don’t miss out on this incredible deal!


Secure Payment and Instant Download

We use Paypal to make sure your online payment is secure. We never see your credit card details and you are protected by Paypal’s online purchasing policy. You can download your program now by clicking on the ‘complete purchase’ link. Your download should start immediately. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to download.

You Can Test Drive My Course For 60 Whole Days Risk Free!

British accent

 You can “test drive” the British Accent Program for a FULL 60 days, completely RISK FREE!

Here’s how it works: Get a copy of the course today. Watch every single one of the 11 videos. Listen to all of the 140 audio recordings. Go through the program section by section.

If after a whole 60 days, you’re not 100% satisfied that you’ve got the skills to speak English clearly and be understood clearly by your clients, coworkers and friends, simply send the course back to me with a short note asking for a refund, and I’ll immediately and cheerfully refund your money. No questions asked.

The Ultimate British Accent Package
Instant Access: Start improving your Accent TODAY!

The fastest and most effective audio and video training course. Once the package has downloaded you can immediately start using the course  to learn correct British pronunciation. 3 FREE Bonuses inside: British Conversations, British Business English and Audio on the Go.

Buy today and SAVE

 £78.95   £62

$94.28 Add To Cart

60 Day Money Back – Satisfaction Guarantee. You will be charged in USD.
instant download

 Remarkable progress

I bought the British accent course a couple of weeks ago. It really helped me to make a quick remarkable progress. Thank you for your useful programmes and for your innovative ideas to help us in language improvement.
– Mona, UAE/Arabic, Pharmacist
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Speak English clearly testimonial. Accent and pronunciation training

READ – the Manual and see how the program works

Don’t just take my word for it – try it NOW! Watch this video demonstrating how my interactive, multi-media manual works.


Be more confident! Correct these common mistakes:

Do you leave off or not say the last sound in a word(especially consonant sounds), e.g., ‘wan’ for ‘want’, ‘nie’ for ‘nine, ‘ca’ for can’?

Do you have difficulty knowing which vowels are short and which are long, e.g., sheep (long)/ship (short), seat (long)/ sit (short)?
Do you struggle to produce sounds like /th/, /v/, /f/ and /r/because they are different in your native language or aren’t used at all?
Do you have trouble with the “melody” of spoken English?
Do you confuse voiced and unvoiced sounds such as big/pig, made/mate, down/town, gate/Kate? Learn about “minimal pairs” and then listen and repeat the exercises to quickly learn how to say them properly.
Do you make the English vowel sounds too short? Some English vowel sounds are quite different from the sounds in other languages.
Do people have difficulty understanding what your name is when you say it the first time?

By listening and repeating the exercises in “Speak More Clearly” you can quickly correct these common mistakes. Speak English confidently with colleagues and friends!

“I Don’t Have the Confidence to Put my Words into Sentences”

Have you ever wanted to speak fluently and confidently without freezing up? Speak like a native – without pauses. By practising with the British accent training course you can become fluent in English so that you aren’t embarrassed or scared to speak with native speakers.

When you practise with the 4,500 words and sentences in my program, for just 15 minutes a day, your ear will become attuned to the new sounds in English. As your ear and your mouth get used to pronouncing each consonant and vowel sound you will become more fluent in English.

The British accent training course will give you the confidence to speak spontaneously, even in high pressure situations like speaking to your boss or a room full of people.

“I Can’t Understand Others When they Speak”

How can your program help me?

Would you like to be able to understand others clearly when they speak and not have to keep asking them to repeat themselves? By listening to the audio in the British accent course you are training your ear to understand the sounds in British English. Once you have attuned your ear to British English, your brain makes connections to remember and understand those sounds. Now, when you hear native speakers talking you will be able to understand them much more clearly and easily.

After all, there is only so many times you can ask someone to repeat themselves before you resort to nodding and smiling, especially in work situations.

The Ultimate British Accent Package
Instant Access: Start improving your Accent TODAY!

The fastest and most effective audio and video training course. Once the package has downloaded you can immediately start using the course  to learn correct British pronunciation. 3 FREE Bonuses inside: British Conversations, British Business English and Audio on the Go. 

Buy today and SAVE

 £78.95   £62

$94.28 Add To Cart

60 Day Money Back – Satisfaction Guarantee. You will be charged in USD.
instant download

Speak Fast, Fluent English Quickly and Effortlessly like a Native Speaker

Have you ever thought ‘Why do I stumble and freeze when speaking English?’

Because you don’t know the correct pronunciation, word stress and how to use linking/elision in English. Another reason is that you are still thinking in your native language and it takes time for you to translate the words in your head.

By using the total Auditory immersion technique in the British accent program you will start to develop brain connections for your new accent and pronunciation. This will allow you to speak English much more easily and automatically.

The Total Auditory Immersion Method

Our audio training uses native speakers and everyday language to naturally and quickly improve your pronunciation. You simply listen to the exercise and repeat the word or phrase. Over time your natural language skills, and the expanded ability of the ear, will cause your accent in English to naturally change to be more like the native speaker in our audio training.

I have included precise, detailed instruction for where to place your tongue and lips for each sound. This allows you to position your mouth for sounds you may find difficult, and practising the mouth position together with the audio input, will give you more rapid progress.

Because there is no complex software, or elaborate theory it is so easy to practise!  Simply listen and repeat the exercises any time you have a few spare minutes.

Natural, Simple and Effective

The Speak More Clearly total Auditory immersion method reconnects you to the language skills you used as a child. When you were young you learnt a language by listening to your family and friends and then repeating the words while imitating their accent.

As a child our ability for the ear to process (i.e., hear and differentiate), different frequencies of sound is expanded, enabling us to distinguish and reproduce the sounds of the languages that surround us. To effectively speak more clearly in a new language you must expand the ability of the ear to process the different frequencies of sound in that new language.

This is accomplished by listening over and over to the new language to attune the ear. This way, the sounds and grammar  become part of your neurology. As you expand the ability of the ear, speaking becomes an automatism (automatic). When the ear can ‘hear’ a sound the mouth has a better chance of producing it.

Long before we could read, we originally learnt language through total auditory immersion by listening to and imitating those around us. To learn to speak English more clearly you must practise listening to and imitating the sounds and words etc. Just reading and studying written English will not expand the ear’s abilities and will not make you speak more clearly.


FREE BONUS: Audio On The Go – Practice Anywhere, Anytime.

Valued at $24.99 yours completely FREE!

We care about giving you incredible value so I’ve included Audio on the Go in the British accent package – completely free! Audio on the Go is the separate British accent audio package which consists of all the audios from the British accent course in downloadable form so you can copy them to your ipod, smartphone, tablet or any other MP3 player and practise on the go; on the bus, train, in the office – anywhere, anytime! Now you can practise whenever you have a few spare minutes for effortless progress.
Even if you are unable to speak out loud, simply listening and repeating the exercises in your head will help.

Please Note: Our ‘British Accent Program’ is formatted for desktop/laptop computers not smartphone/tablets. You can download the manual to your phone/tablet using ibooks (or an equivalent application) however you will only be able to view the manual, the audio and video will not play on your smartphone/tablet. If you purchase ‘Audio on the Go’ you will be able to listen to the audio on you’re smartphone/tablet through your music player (itunes etc.) and view the manual separately through ibooks.

How to purchase: Click the orange ‘buy now’ button on the black panel below. You will then be taken to the shopping cart to review your order. Next click proceed to checkout, then select if you would like to pay with paypal or via credit card. Enter your payment details and click ‘place my order’, or if you are paying with paypal login to your paypal account and click the pay now button. Once you have purchased the program you will get instant access to your course. You can download it straight from the confirmation page and you will also be sent and email with the link incase you want to download it later.

Are You Good At English But Still Misunderstood?

Do you have strong English skills but are still misunderstood by native English speakers?

Speak More Clearly shows you how to easily and quickly be better understood when you speak English.

My accent programs start with simple exercises and gets more complicated as your skills develop.We start with words, so you can focus on producing correct British sounds. Then we use the words in both simple and complex sentences. Later we introduce more complex language to practise with.

TIP: It is important when learning a new accent, to train your ear and mouth parts by using simple language, rather than struggling with complex material.

Did you know

40,000+ subscribers already get free pronunciation and accent tips, tricks and exclusive offers.

Which Program are You Interested in?


” I downloaded the course 3 weeks ago. It’s fantastic! I work every day on it and it’s really very helpful to me. Now I hear the difference…”
A. Sanchez (Swiss)
” I am helping a Thai friend who has some reading and writing skills but lacks any listening or speaking skills. After only 3 weeks his “Thai ” accent…
C. Cooke (Thailand)

The Ultimate British Accent Package
Instant Access: Start improving your Accent TODAY!

The fastest and most effective audio and video training course. Once the package has downloaded you can immediately start using the course  to learn correct British pronunciation. 3 FREE Bonuses inside: British Conversations, British Business English and Audio on the Go. 

Buy today and SAVE

 £78.95   £62

$94.28 Add To Cart

60 Day Money Back – Satisfaction Guarantee. You will be charged in USD.
instant download

6 Extra Bonus Sections Inside the British Accent Course!

As well as the over 140 audio recordings and 11 training videos for each vowel and consonant sound in my program you will get these 6 extra practise sections:

1. rhythm and intonation

Practise material on how to use rhythm and intonation so you will sound more natural when you speak English.

2. how to use elision/linking in English

This will teach you how to speak with flowing, fluid sentences and not sound stiff and unnatural when you speak. It will also allow you to speak English much more quickly so you sound like a native speaker.

3. Practise sentences for stress and meaning in English

This section includes audio recordings with practise sentences so you can master where to put the stress on words in sentences.

4. practise dialogues for stress, pronunciation and intonation

Includes audios to practise speaking to others with correct stress, pronunciation and intonation so you will speak more clearly, quickly and sound more natural when you speak.

5. practise paragraphs for stress and intonation

Audios for practising how to use stress and intonation in larger chunks of speech.

6. Notes on what specific sounds to work on for 9 different background langues

Notes for: Indian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Filipino and Korean speakers.

A Lifetime of British Pronunciation Training

There is no time limit or expiry on your course.

Once you have purchased the British accent training course, it is yours to keep – forever! You will receive instant access to download your British accent program straight away. Once you’ve downloaded your program and saved it to your computer there is no expiry date or limitation to your access. Be sure to save it somewhere safe on your computer so you will always have it when you need it.

Because there is no time limit on your course you can come back to it whenever you want. If you get busy with life; work or study, you can come back to your program later on, if you want to brush up on your vowels or consonants later on you can come back to your program. This means you can have your training on your time frame, when you want! No restrictions!